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Why Guardian Pet Fence
& Pet Stop®?


Quality and Reliability -
All Pet Stop®products are 100% Made in the USA, built with high grade materials and designed to be durable and safe.


Advanced Technology -
Pet Stop® is constantly innovating new products and raising the bar for electric pet fencing systems.


Unique, Customizable Features -
Pet Stop® products hold more patents than any other dog fence brand.

Our Connecticut Service Area

Middlesex County CT Electronic Pet Fencing

Are you having trouble keeping your pet safely containted to your property? Are you looking for a new hidden electronic pet containment fence? Need something safe and effective but also hidden and invisible - something something that won't ruin the look of your landscaping? Well, you're in the right place!

Guardian Pet Fence offers the finest, 100% USA made electronc pet fencing systems available in the pet containment industry! As your local Middlesex County, CT pet fencing experts, we install our electronic pet fencing systems with professional diligence and take the utmost pride in our work. Since we earn our living by the referrels of our customers, our customer service is of tremendous importance to us - if you have a problem with your electric underground pet fence, we'll respond with fast, courteous, expert solutions. Our referral rate is fine testimony to our dedication to being the best Pet Fence experience available.

Guardian Pet Fence and Pet Stop® - a better value for you and your pet

At Guardian Pet Fence, nothing is more important to us than the safety and well-being of your pet!  That's why we're proud to be your local Middlesex County CT Pet Stop® dealer! Sure, Pet Stop® brand may cost a little more, but just because another underground fencing brand costs less doesn't guarantee a better value - not when Pet Stop® brand stands head and shoulders above the rest. Pet Stop® electronic pet fence systems really are -

100% Made in the USA for Superior Quality and Safety

Pet Stop® brand hidden fencing is developed, manufactured and assembled in the United States.  This means that you're getting a higher quality product, a more technologically advanced product, and very importantly, a safer product. When the health and happiness of your pet is at stake, we don't outsource - in fact, Pet Stop® is the ONLY underground electric pet containment company that hasn't outsourced.

User-Friendly, Highly Customizable and Reliable
Invisible Fence® System Compatible

Pet Stop® underground dog and cat fences are extremely user-friendly and designed to be highly customizable, allowing you to adjust your pet fence settings to best meet your pet's individual personalities. Additionally, we've designed many of our products to be compatible with Invisible Fence®, giving you and your pet more freedom when you go visiting people who own an Invisible Fence® system, or when they visit you! This just just another example of how Guardian Pet Fence and Pet Stop®'s dedication to keeping your pet safely contained and happy.

Invisible Fence® Inde Service & Invisible Fence® Compatible Products

Perhaps you purchased a different brand of hidden electronic pet fencing before you heard about Guardian Pet Fence, but that doesn't mean we can't assist you. Guardian Pet Fence happily provides independent support and service for all other electronic dog and cat fencing systems, including Invisible Fence®, DogGuard®, Dog Watch®, and many others. If you need help with a wire break, general maintenance, or fence toubleshooting, we're glad to lend our expertise! We also carry Invisible Fence® compatible batteries and receivers, and if you want to upgrade your Invisible Fence® system to a 100% USA Made pet fence system by Pet Stop®, give us a call and ask us about our special trade-in prices!

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